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Plastic surgery and The types of plastic surgery

plastic surgery

plastic surgery

Plastic surgery turns out that many types do not necessarily know that plastic surgery is comprehensive, many things in the world of medicine let alone cover the world of surgeons, categories and types of plastic surgery are also very diverse. Plastic surgery is a medical action that focuses on the reconstruction or repair of defects and physical functional improvements in the human body. Here are the types of plastic surgery.

1. Plastic surgery on the face

plastic surgery

Anti-aging Forehead lift / brow lift Oppression of eyebrow removal or forehead removal surgery is an action that aims to lift or tighten sagging eyebrows. Can be done for reasons of appearance or functional reasons. This operation is performed because of the sagging condition of the eyebrows that can block vision.

  • Facelift face-lift (ritidectomy) is an action to overcome problems associated with facial skin elasticity which is generally caused by a person’s aging process. Face-lift measures include tightening of the skin around the face and neck area. Face-lift also reduces fat and removes excess parts of the skin to tighten your skin so that it can enhance its appearance to look younger.
  • Face Countour Cheek augmentation (upper jaw / cheek surgery) Malar Augmentation is a term used to describe the surgery performed to enhance the cheek shape that is less prominent (too flat), whether caused by congenital factors or accidents.

  • Mentoplasty Mentoplasty or genioplasty is a term used to describe the surgery performed to correct the shape of the chin. Good repair of reconstruction caused by disability (congenital abnormalities, accidents, or due to tumor removal) or aesthetic surgery with the aim of correcting a less harmonious form in order to achieve a perfect appearance.

  • Rhinoplasty Nasal surgery or commonly known as rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to improve the shape and structure of the nose. Good for reconstruction and aesthetic purposes. For aesthetic purposes, not just any nose shape the patient wants can be applied by experts. The shape of the nose must be exactly proportional to all other forms of the face.
  • Alarplasty Alarplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that aims to reduce the size of the lobes and nostrils, which will later provide a more balanced structure or face shape.

  • Blefaroplasti Eyelid repair surgery or also called blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure on the eyelids that is done both at the top and bottom. The aesthetic surgery performed on the upper eyelid aims to remove fat deposits, wrinkles and excess skin on the upper eyelid that is usually owned by people who are experiencing the aging process.
  • Upper blepharoplasty Eyelid surgery or upper blepharoplasty is an operation to open the upper eyelid so that the eyes look bigger.

  • Lower blepharoplasty Plastic bladder surgery or lower blepharoplasty is an action that aims to improve the loose, wrinkled skin of the eye bag

  • Double eyelid surgery Operate to make and enlarge the eye folds on the eyes that have no creases at all, imperfect folds / only partial or thin eye folds.

  • Ptosis surgery Surgery to repair the upper eyelid which is decreased due to the condition of the eye muscles that does not work optimally so that the eyelids cannot open normally.

  • Epicanthoplasty Epicanthoplasty is a procedure used to increase the width of the eye and provide a larger and attractive appearance.

2. Plastic surgery for Body Contouring

plastic body surgery

  • Fat transfer Fat transfer is an act of transferring a number of fatty tissue from under the skin that is in the body part that has excess fat to the body’s cells that are deficient in fat content.
  • Abdominoplasty Abdominoplasty is an operative procedure that aims to remove excess skin and fat in the abdomen, remove striae (stretch marks), reposition the navel, and tighten the abdominal muscles so that the stomach becomes tight and flat.

  • Liposuction Liposuction is a type of action that can be used to remove excess fat in one or several parts of the body including the face and neck.

  • Abdominoplasty Abdominoplasty is an operative procedure in the abdominal wall for the purpose of improving shape. In this operation the excess skin and fat are removed, followed by tightening of the abdominal muscles. In abdominoplasty, the removal of fat and skin is carried out in an operative way and is classified as a conventional type of surgery.

  • Gluteoplasty Gluteoplasty is an enlarged buttocks or buttocks surgery to make it look more beautiful.

3. Plastic surgery on the breast

  • Breast lift breast lift / mastropection is an aesthetic surgery to raise the position of the breast that has dropped.
  • Mammaplasti augmentation Mammaplasti augmentation is an act of breast enlargement surgery by placing the implant to increase the volume and shape of the breast.

  • mamaplasti reduction Reduction mamaplasti is a breast reduction surgery to reduce breast time that is too large.

4. Plastic surgery on Gender.

Vaginal Oral Surgery (Labiaplasti) Labiaplasty or labia reconstruction is a procedure that aims to improve the appearance of female genitals in general. It is performed on the inner labia (labia minora) and outside, namely the folds of skin around the vulva.

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Want to face Fresh and look beautiful with Eye Surgery

eye surgery

eye surgery

Eye bags are common in someone who experiences sleep deprivation. Eyes due to lack of sleep tend to cause blood vessels under the thin skin to dilate the eyes and create dark colors. These dilated blood vessels can cause a buildup of fluid around the eyes, thus forming eye bags. In addition, eye bags can also arise on someone who uses his eye organs for excessive activity. As is done by someone who is always dealing with a computer screen or other objects that can interfere with eye health. Not only that, eye bags can also be caused by excessive alcohol consumption, lack of drinking mineral water, lack of vitamins, lack of vegetables, anemia, smoking, even because of genetic factors.

There are many ways that can be done to eliminate eye bags, starting from a variety of traditional treatments performed at home to performing modern treatments at the beauty clinic. But for some people, they don’t have enough time to do it regularly. Because it requires consistency and patience in doing beauty treatments. Not even a few people also “give up” with the condition of their eye bags. Because it does not continue to reap good results after routine maintenance of their eye bags. To overcome this, of course it takes an action that will have a significant impact on the appearance of your face. This action is of course by carrying out eye bag plastic surgery. With eye bag surgery, your face can look fresh and look younger in a short time. Then actually how is the eye surgery process done? Are there any negative impacts caused by the operation? Here we refer to the brief description.


Lower blepharoplasty is an action that aims to tighten the lower eyelid sac and folds. In this case, including reducing excess fat and skin and tightening the muscles in the eye frame. In doing this operation requires accuracy and accuracy in determining the amount of excess fat and skin tissue that needs to be removed. If determining this is not right, it can create a strange impression on your eyes and face. Before performing eyelid plastic surgery, the first thing that needs to be done is to consult first between the doctor and the patient. In the consultation process, the doctor will explain the operation process, side effects to medical problems that may arise after surgery. In addition, the doctor will examine the medical history and determine the appropriate actions and anesthesia for the patient. If you choose to do local anesthesia, then you do not have to do a special examination before performing surgery. It’s different if you choose to do general anesthesia, where you are unconscious during the operation process. Before surgery, you will be asked to do a blood test. And if you are 40 years old, you are advised to check around the lung and heart area first. During the operation, the surgeon will perform an incision just below the lashes or on the lower eyelid to remove or regulate excess fat, loose muscles and skin. Next the doctor will combine the skin with small stitches along the bottom of the eyelashes or eyelids.

After plastic surgery, for about a week, your eyelids will experience mild pain, numbness, swelling around the eyes, excessive wet or dry sensations, eye irritation and extreme sensitivity to light. To help with the recovery process, it is recommended that you do several things such as cold compressing the eye area with the aim of reducing eye clots, gently cleansing the eyelids using an ointment that has been recommended by a previous doctor, and supporting the head with a pillow while sleeping for several days to reduce freezing. In addition, you must always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and irritation from sunlight and wind. You are also not advised to swim and do heavy activities first for a few days. Recovery from eye bag plastic surgery usually takes several weeks. In two to seven days, the stitches will be removed. Redness and swelling after surgery will fade over time. You may be able to move back as early as ten days after surgery. For some people the recovery process may last a long time, because seeing the postoperative condition that seems uncomfortable, especially at the beginning after surgery when your face looks swollen and bruised.

Only after two weeks, you are allowed to use makeup whose purpose is to disguise swelling and blue due to bruises on the face. But don’t worry, the results of the operation will look good and comfortable after entering the second month. Now, after reading the description above, are you interested in eye plastic surgery? You no longer need to hesitate, because currently Medictel  is here to help you. 

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Want to Know How Korean Celebrities Perform Eyelid Surgery? Let’s see the discussion

medictel korea

medictel korea

For those of you who love Korean dramas or Korean pop music, you may be familiar with the term plastic eyelid surgery. Plastic surgery on the upper eyelid or eye fold is common among South Koreans, especially for celebrities. Because people in South Korea are very obsessed with having large eye shapes accompanied by double petals. So how is plastic surgery on the eye done? Are there special treatments that postoperative patients must undergo? Then what is the negative impact after doing plastic surgery on the eyelids? Consider the following full discussion.

Eyelid repair surgery or also called blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure on the eyelids that is carried out both at the top and bottom. The aesthetic surgery performed on the upper eyelid aims to remove fat deposits, wrinkles and excess skin on the upper eyelid that is usually owned by people who are experiencing the aging process. Circumstances like this certainly make your face look tired and sad. Excess skin on the eyelids causes the natural folds of the upper eyelids (eyelids) not to be seen clearly. This is what often happens to Korean celebrities. They are willing to operate on the eyelids to form new folds in the eyes so that their eyes look more vibrant and radiant.

medictel korea

Eyelid surgery is not only focused on the eye, but also covers other parts around it. If the condition of the upper eyelid is also accompanied by sagging eyebrows, then the forehead tightening is also recommended. Before performing surgery on the eye, the doctor also ensures that the patient does not suffer ‘dry eye’ or other eye disorders. Before starting the surgery, the main thing to do is anesthesia.

Local anesthesia is usually done in patients who want to perform eyelid surgery. Not only that, the activities of examining the heart, blood pressure, pulse, etc. are also not to be missed. Then how is the process of eyelid surgery done? Your doctor will choose the best technique for everyone. Because each individual has different ways and conditions. For upper eyelid surgery, the incision is extended to the outer corner into a line of laughter or other curves. Through this incision, the excess skin is removed to form new petals.

Doing eyelid surgery is not without risk, some of these things could have been the impact after performing eyelid surgery, including the presence of a collection of frozen blood that occurred under the skin layer. This should not be allowed, action must be taken immediately by issuing it. Then, there is a feeling of ‘dry’ in the eye or irritation that takes longer to heal. In addition, after performing surgery, the eyelids will experience ‘numbness’ for a while or even experience a malfunction.

However, some of these things can be minimized by always following the doctor’s advice and instructions both before and after surgery. Then is there a special treatment done by the patient after performing eyelid surgery? The day after surgery, the patient must rest with his head elevated. The doctor will give a message so that the patient performs a cold compress on the eyelid. In addition, patients are also not allowed to take certain drugs such as aspirin or certain inflammatory drugs

You also do not need to worry if there is swelling and bruising for 48 hours after surgery, because it usually happens to someone who has just had eyelid surgery. In addition, your vision will also be slightly blurred, sensitive to light and may experience excessive wet or dry. But you don’t need to worry, because this only happens temporarily. You only have to routinely give eye drops to help treat “burning sensation” or itching in the eyes. You may also be advised to always wear dark glasses for the first two weeks to protect and rest your eyes.

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Want youthful, tight skin even as you grow older? Check out the complete review of Facelifts

The aging process is inevitable. Many women want to be beautiful even though they are growing in age. A lot of effort can be done. Ranging from routine facial treatments to surgical or plastic surgery. If routine facial treatment takes a short amount of time and extra patience, unlike surgery or plastic surgery. Surgical actions tend to require a shorter time, and the results obtained are even more dramatic. Where a person’s skin can be much smoother and look younger.

medical korea

One surgical procedure or plastic surgery that aims to make a younger face is a face-lift. Face-lift (ritidectomy) is an action to overcome problems related to facial skin elasticity which is generally caused by a person’s aging process. Face-lift measures include tightening the skin around the face and neck area. Face-lift also performs fat reduction measures and removes excess skin parts to re-tighten your skin so that it can enhance its appearance to look younger. Then what kind of facial conditions require face-lift action? For those of you who have deep grooves or creases, from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth. You who have excess skin with slack in the jaw area. The presence of wrinkles or deep grooves on the cheeks and the cheek tops. Face-lift action is usually able to overcome these facial skin problems. But it cannot be denied that the elasticity of the skin and muscles will change with the onset of the aging process. Some areas on the face usually appear to have clearly experienced an aging process including eyebrows, upper and lower layers of the eyelids and the area around the mouth. There are several variations of face-lift actions that you can do to improve the appearance, including a minimal access face-lift, where the surgical incision is made at the border of the ear and cheek without continuing behind the ear. The technique is indicated on the face and neck that are not too loose. Healing is faster and the resulting wound is smaller. In addition there is also a face-lift below which is usually done with the neck-lift.

medictel korea

After that, there is also a forehead-lift. This surgical incision is made above the hair border. Another technique for this specific procedure is endoscopy, where surgery is performed through a minimal incision using special equipment. Lastly there is a suture / thread-lift action. Operational candidates are those in their 40s with unrealistic skin slack. This procedure is performed by inserting a thread through a very small incision on the temple. The thread is used to lift facial skin. The procedure takes about an hour. However, this technique does not produce a significant tightening effect if the candidate is not right. The procedure effect does not last long (only 2-3 years).

Side effects include facial swelling (usually 3 weeks) and infection. The face-lift plastic surgery process starts from the initial consultation and inspection. On this occasion it was discussed what the complaint was and what the patient expected from doing a face-lift. At this stage, several things were carried out, including examining the texture and elasticity of the skin and the number of wrinkles and fat folds. Because of the individual factors, not everyone will get the same results from the actions taken.

The doctor will choose the right surgical technique for the patient to produce the best surgical results. After conducting the consultation and preliminary examination, the next step is the face photography documentation session. Taking patient images is taken from several positions. After documenting facial photography, the doctor will provide a brief explanation of the face-lift process and ensure a history of the patient’s drug allergy. Then the surgical procedure will begin immediately. The first thing to do is anesthesia. The anesthesia performed for face-lift surgery is local anesthesia or anesthesia with numbness in certain parts. Local anesthesia is usually performed for types of surgery that are classified as small and light.

Face-lift itself has several types of incisions. But in general, the incisions are incisions that are hidden in the hairy area in both temples. Then walk to the front of the ear and circle the lower edge of the ear to then rise behind the ear to then rise behind the ear, turning backward in the hair area. This incision does not give a clear trace, and sometimes additional incisions are needed under the hidden chin. Although minimal risk, patients should be aware of some negative effects that might occur after doing a face-lift, including the emergence of hematoma (a collection of blood under the skin that must be removed immediately), infection and reaction to anesthesia.

After doing a face-lift action, of course patients expect good results. Face-lift can produce smooth-looking facial skin. But in order to get ‘perfect’ results, patients have to do some healing process gradually and have to wait a few weeks to see the best end result. After surgery, you can return home on the same day or one day after that. Your face will be bandaged on the side and under the chin. You will be asked to return for control 2-3 days after surgery. After that, you are allowed to bathe and wash your hair. Surgical wounds will be treated with ointment, and this you can do at home. Stitches will open after 7-10 days postoperatively. There is no specific prohibition regarding the type of food. Recovery time needed before you can restart activity ranges from 1-3 weeks depending on the technique and extension of surgery performed. The final results of the operation can be seen after 2-3 months. And surgical wounds will also fade 3-6 months after surgery.

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5 Smart tips for those of you who want to vacation in South Korea

korea medical tourism

South Korea is a tourist destination for foreign tourists including tourists from Indonesia, Russia, Philippine, Malaysia and other country. South Korea is now one of the most favorite countries for vacation.

The culture of South Korea is also a special attraction besides that there are also those who are interested in Korean Drama who  as well as their Kpop which is very much idolized by young people. For Tourists  who want to go there to South Korea Whether it’s for medical tourism in Korea or Korea medical tourism.  Tourists who indeed visit and travel to South Korea, here are 5 smart tips for those of you who want to vacation in South Korea.


  1. Travel plans : First you have to make a travel plan in advance or call it the management journey. That is the trip schedule must be prepared, how long will it take to travel or walk in South Korea and want to stop by or go anywhere so you can arrange the costs correctly.medictel
  2. Book tickets far away: From the Skyscanner website, South Korea has seven International airports and the main airport is Incheon airport which is connected to various world airports, including Indonesia, there are 3 direct flights from Jakarta to Seoul with a total of 25 flights for the week. set the flight schedule when and specify the day. The lowest price or promotion, you can also get from transit flights such as Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur-Seoul. In addition, according to skyscanner data, the cheapest time to purchase airline tickets to South Korea is 19 weeks earlier.

  3. Take advantage of the free tour in Seoul: VisitKorea site is the official website of South Korea tourism through its website Indonesian tourists can book free tours to South Korea called Walking Tour tourists will be invited to take a bus and travel around Seoul without being charged a penny there are many travel destinations chosen according to taste .
  4. Know the weather in South Korea: Spring starts from the end of March to the month of Mai, this season you can see cherry blossoms blooming. Summer starts from June to August. The peak of summer starts in August with temperatures around 23 to 35 degrees Celsius. Autumn starts from September to November, Autumn is the most beautiful season of Ginko trees and Maple trees change the color of their leaves to reddish yellow throughout South Korea.medictel korea 

    Winter usually starts between December and February with temperatures around minus 3-6 degrees Celsius. So you are warned to prepare clothes if you walk to South Korea, adjusted to the weather

  5. Take advantage of your local travel agent in Indonesia: You can also entrust your vacation trip through your travel agent. With your travel agent you certainly don’t need to bother taking care of your travel destinations. So there is no need to be confused to choose the right destination, and the budget costs that you need will certainly be easier to predict.

Medictel : Leader in Korea Medical Tourism a health and beauty medical tourism travel agency to South Korea

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What is Rhinoplasty in medical science or the science of surgeons?

operasi hidung

In short, rhinoplasty is a nose operation The following is information that is generally a matter of great concern for someone if you want to do nose surgery or rhinoplasty Pros and Cons of nose surgery

The PRO for nose surgery

  • The angle and size of your nose will be improved for the better.
  • Structural problems that limit breathing and cause congestion in the airways will be corrected
  • Nose surgery can have a significant impact on your self-image and your confidence

The CONTRA for nose surgery

  • Depending on the type of surgery, you may find a scar on your nose
  • You may experience problems due to the operating material used
  • It takes time to adjust to your new look

Are you the right candidate for rhinoplasty or nose surgery?

The following are the reasons that are generally the cause of someone doing nose surgery:

  • The nose looks too big or too small
  • The nose looks unsuitable compared to the overall facial composition
  • The nose looks uneven or bent Having obstruction and respiratory disturbances Have a birthmark or mole on the nose
  • Want to look more proportional nose look

The thing that is usually asked by your doctor about the nose surgery that you will live

  1. Stop smoking for at least 6 weeks before undergoing surgery to improve the healing process better
  2. Avoid taking aspirin, certain anti-inflammatory drugs and some herbal medicines that can cause increased bleeding
  3. Regardless of the type of surgery that will be performed, the hydration process is very important before and after surgery

Risk of Rhinoplasty

Fortunately, the risk of significant complications from nose surgery is rare. But all surgical procedures have a certain level of risk.

The following are special risks to rhinoplasty

Damage to the skin due to wrapping or from grafted material which is exposed to thin skin on the nose nasal obstruction caused by swelling in the nose Injury to your septum, because of the structure that separates your nostrils Scars that are lifted at the base of the nose with an open approach

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What Koreans Think of Plastic Surgery in South Korea

medictel korea

medictel korea

Upon hearing South Korea, perhaps plastic surgery is what comes to mind for people outside of the country. This isn’t surprising considering the high number of plastic surgery procedure done in Korea. So much so that plastic surgery has become entrenched in the country.

But do actual South Koreans think about plastic surgery in South Korea?

Here’s a summary of a YouTube channel named Asia Boss on their interviews with a handful of South Korean people.medictel

  1. Some Koreans consider that look just as or even more important than talent. A number of the interviewed said celebrities with good looks will be just as successful as those without, even if said celebrity isn’t as  good of a talent as the latter, and it would be noticeably tougher for those without the looks to be as successful.
  2. Koreans don’t mind it if said celebrities achieve their looks with assistance of plastic surgery procedure.
  3. Nobody likes being stereotyped, and this includes Korean people. People (understandably) seem to be uncomfortable with all this stereotypes about plastic surgery culture in Korea  since there are still a lot of Korean citizen who choose to not go under the table. While a lot of Koreans have embraced plastic surgery as part of life, there are a number who aren’t so acceptive of it. They view it as an “easy way out” of flaws people were born with.medictel korea
  4. That being said, there is one thing both sides seems to have agreed upon, that someone’s decision to have Aesthetics surgery is his/her personal choice and should be respected as such.
  5. How outside media portrays it though, is quite disappointing. They seem to have painted it in really bad light.
  6. Eyelid surgery for expample is a minor surgery. blepharoplasty, is quite common because Korean beauty standard includes big rounded eyes with double eyelids. This surgery is so common that it’s normally given as graduation gift for highschool students.
  7. Some Koreans feel those with good looks are treated better. People tend to be more polite when communicating with someone attractive, even if said person isn’t of opposing sex. Furthermore, being attractive can net them a job easier, even when their looks have nothing to do with their work desc. So it’s not surprising that many Koreans strife to have the best look possible, it’s not just for personal satisfaction, it can be a sound career move.


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8 Tips to help you find a plastic surgeon you can trust

medictel korea

Who always wants to look beautiful in public and stay beautiful on television shows both naturally and using cosmetics and so on.

If we feel something is wrong from our face and ourselves, usually women always cover up with thick makeup or expensive makeup, but what if there is someone who feels lacking in ourselves, either our nose is too big or our jaw is too wide or the breast shape we are small.


medictel korea

medictel korea

And even plastic surgery for beauty is very much sought after by Indonesians, both from new adult women to women who are around 40-45 years old. And their professions are also various types, both from female students, models, career women and from artists. For those of you who really want plastic surgery, please refer to the following tips.

8 tips to help you find a plastic surgeon you can trust

  1. Talk with friends, your family or acquaintances who have already had plastic surgery to get recommendations
  2. Find out by looking at reviews from plastic surgeons in the area where you want to have plastic surgery
  3. Compare the quality and qualifications of the candidates for the surgeon you choose
  4. Ask the surgeon you chose whether it is affiliated with the hospital
  5. Come to every consultation by preparing your question questions to a plastic surgeon
  6. Always remember that you want a surgeon who is useful, polite and skilled in using the device
  7. Make sure the location of the office can be found, clean and supported by friendly staff
  8. Listen to your conscience and don’t rush.

From these 8 tips, it may be useful for you

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Want plastic surgery? Use Medictel agent’s services

Janine Intansari: Do you want plastic surgery to use agent services?medictel korea

Janine is one of the many people who have entrusted medical tourism to Korea. Through the agency services she decided on plastic surgery in Korea.

With agents you usually get free consultation services and get lots of info from various hospitals and beauty doctors in Korea, he said. Janine was very satisfied with the results she obtained and she also wanted to do it on her own next time.

Janine Intansari explained how important it is to use the services of a medical tourism agent if you want to take a beauty tour, especially like doing plastic surgery in Korea.

medictel korea

Likewise with this beautiful artist Sanly Liu, she admitted that plastic surgery in Korea which was done at the time made her nose become more pointed and attractive. He also used agent services in Indonesia for medical tourism to Korea. Why Sanly Liu chose plastic surgery in Korea because the doctors there provided input and gave consultations that could make us more confident about plastic surgery or not.

Your medical tourism agent provides a sense of security and comfort while on your trip to the hospital. With the existence of a medical tourism agent, you don’t need another report to take care of everything there, the travel agent has taken care of it for you and what we need there. Starting from coming to Korea, you will be picked up by car, which is sure to feel pampered in the hotel and lodging, and you are invited to walk or travel in Korea.

medictel korea

korea medical tourism

korea medical tourism

Medictel has been believed to be a medical and beauty travel agent in Korea and various countries to take care of the patient’s needs.

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Korean medical tourism exhibition in Indonesia

medictel korea

Medictel  participates in the Korean medical tourist exhibition at Fairmont hotels and Taman Anggrek Mall.

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Jakarta for the first time held an exhibition of beauty and medical tourism entitled Korea Medical Tourism (KMT) Roadshow. The event was held at the Fairmont Hotel on Friday (7/20) and the Atrium Center, Taman Anggrek Mall, West Jakarta, Saturday (7/21) to Sunday (7/22).

medictel korea

medictel korea

Why to Korea?

Because South Korea “Its sophisticated medical services make the South Korean State recognized in the eyes of the world. Therefore, we held this exhibition for the first time with the aim of promoting the superiority of Korean medical and sophisticated hospitals, “said Joo Sung Hee, Director of the Medical and Wellness Team of the KTO (Korea Tourism Organization) in his opening speech.

Medictel was invited to become a vendor at the 2018 Korea Medical Tourism roadshow held by the Government of South Korea. The 16 biggest companies engaged in the medical sector were invited, Beauty / cosmetic surgery and tourism. At this event there were 7 plastic surgery hospitals participating. Of all, only the medictel has a representative office in Indonesia.

Medictel can find the best doctors and the best hospitals to provide the best care for patients. Many people go to South Korea without agents from Indonesia who end up experiencing a lot of problems, and don’t know where to ask or ask for help. With the presence of Medictel representatives in Indonesia we can provide services and comfort for patients feeling safer during the trip. And provide assistance when there are complaints and problems from the hospital.