Ptosis correction

Ptosis is a condition when the upper eyelid drops. As we age, the lower eyelids often begin to get lower due to reduced muscle strength that controls the eyelids. However, if the upper eyelid drops, it can obstruct your vision.

Who are the right candidates for ptosis correction surgery?

  • People whose upper eyelids cover their pupils which result in tired looking eyes
    • People with difficulty opening their eyes comfortably
    • People who want to undergo double eyelid surgery along with correction of ptosis
    • People who want to keep the same double eyelids but want their eyes to look clearer and fresher

Operation Duration: estimated 30 Minutes

Type of Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia

Preoperative Preparation:
• Initial consultation with the doctor, convey the result you want as clear as possible.
• The doctor will then explains the operating procedure

Operation Process:
• Design the eyelid crease line for incisions
• Removal of excess skin, muscle, or fat that is not needed
• Improve eye muscles that cause symptoms of ptosis

  • Temporary postoperative swelling
    • Sight feels limited

Postoperative Care:
• Apply eye drops
• Consume medication to reduce swelling
• Apply ointment 3 times a day on the stitched eyelid
• Clean your eyes routinely
• It is not recommended to read and watch television for too long