Our Service

korea medical tourism

We provide Medictel service for tourists who will visit Korea for both beauty and health

Our motto : We care about our clients until their health is better.

Why  Medictel?

  • Have strong links with the best hospitals in Korea
  • Experienced and professional team Cooperate around the world and have agents in several countries
  • Efficient process.  Has handled 1000 patients, both trough consultations and medical trips to Korea
  • Personalized tour program

Medictel Indonesia has its own advantages, our distinctive advantage is in the field of health and beauty medical tourism to Korea, we also collaborate with some of the best hospitals and the best surgeons in Korea and beauty experts

Medictel advantage

  1. Experienced team    : Medictel has an experienced team to consult find the best hospitals and the best surgeons in Korea, and provide input for you.
  2. Modern Lodging      : Medictel helps you find accommodation in hotels and apartments that are modern and adapted to your budget and located close to the hospital.
  3. Global Cooperation : Medictel has global cooperate with several countries that have the same vision and mission in the fields of health, beauty and plastic surgery to Korea
  4. Special Tour Events: Medictel plans special tour activities for you, from the culinary streets, shopping at modern malls, to visiting popular Korean tourist attractions.

medictel korea

Medical tourism process:

  1. Free for consultation: Health report -> consultation with the best hospital -> determine the best opinion and the best price.
  2. Arriving in Korea: Preparation for departure -> arrival and immigration process -> move to hotel – tour and shop
  3. Treatment: Visiting the hospital -> medical and treatment consultations -> health reports
  4. Recovery and tours: City tours -> shopping -> beauty care -> oriental care -> free time
  5. Return: Go to the airport – information service assistance
  6. Follow-up: Follow-up of health services -> next consultation

We guarantee that we will help our guests to receive appropriate medical care, and provide all non-medical services that are needed and needed such as:

  1. Transportation service from Airport
  2. Convenience of transportation from the hotel to the hospital with a luxury car
  3. Telephone Rental
  4. Accommodation rentals and bookings
  5. Travel for leisure
  6. Providing translators
  7. Our staff always make friends with pleasure and help every answer from our client’s questions

We guarantee fast and efficient service

We also guarantee our customers to arrange medical care or check procedure schedules by saving time, so that our customers get the same quality results in a shorter period of time. This will help our guests to save their money, on the contrary if they stay longer they will spend their money on accommodation and lodging in Korea